Election Day Excitement!!!!!!

AC/DC—Black Ice


Check this shit out!

This Tuesday we at theweirdcrap.com are going to jump into the fray and
provide all day wall-to-wall coverage of the US elections!

Which reminds me of my latest trip to Wal Mart this past Halloween. See,
we already had two huge fucking bags of candy to hand out to the
kiddies, over 200 pieces of delectable candy. I didn't think this was
enough so off to the Mart I went to pick up some more JUST IN CASE and,
boy I tell ya.

The Halloween candy was GONE. I almost picked up some Reese's but
noticed they were in the shape of Santa Claus and other Xmas pagans and
I thought that would be totally fucked to hand out Xmas candy on
Halloween since that would a) remind the kid about Xmas making their
greediness creep up that much earlier and b) be really stupid.

Anyways, the Mart had decided that the 31st was late enough for
Halloween candy and had cleared out the aisle of the orange and black
candy goods and stated stocking up with the Xmas shit. I mean, what the

Oh well. We'll have maps with billions of lights, pointers, chats,
expert opinions……..all the stuff the major networks have except

Funny thing was, one bag of candy was more than enough. The woman said
that she had repeat business because it seemed that the pickings in our
neighborhood were slim. Kids today: the cutthroat businessmen of
tomorrow. Gotta love 'em, or put up with them as much as possible.

Let the networks and their suited-up people put you to sleep with their
yammering and clothes. We'll give you a fresh perspective IN THE

For those looking for titillation, there won't be naked women on our
broadcast. That's just too demeaning. Just me (and whoever else decides
to join) sitting in a recliner with the aforementioned maps, etc.
Offering insight. Making predictions. Using the pointer to mess with the
cats. All in a business-like atmosphere, BUT NUDE!!!!!!!

Wow. Bob mentioned Frogman? Really?????

All scored to some tasty rock. Hell, when it gets a bit slow in the
mid-afternoon, I'll put in some Pseudo Echo and dance to their version
of "Funkytown" IN THE NUDE!!!!!!

There a lady dressed as a clown at the Mart on Halloween. She was
stocking up the meat and it freaked me out for a moment. Then I
remembered and everything was alright in my own little world.

24 hours of NUDE broadcasting on Election Day! Just go to the "Live
Broadcast" link somewhere on the homepage, sit back and enjoy!!!!!

COMING NEXT: Probably an apology

Stephen Johnson

The idea of building a website with Bob came from Stephen in the days of message boards and chat rooms. We settled on the name TheWeirdcrap.com and the rest is history. Retired since he hit the ripe age of 25, he spends most his time doing odd-jobs around the house and digging thru trash bins for "stuff that's still good." Stephen has contributed several short stories and hosted the "Lunatic Ravings" column since the beginning (1999). The idea of writing weekly columns came from Stephen before blogs or blog sites ever existed. So, I guess that makes him THE FIRST BLOGGER IN THE WORLD!!!


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