Stephen Johnson

I got a shot recently. For…….something.

After the shot, I was told to sit down on THE bench for 15 minutes, just to make sure I was going to be ok.

So I did.

And then came the bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies. With fangs.

Of course they started attacking the customers at that big box store and I could only sit there and watch since that was what I was told to do.

Blood everywhere. Screaming. Maybe some crying from the youths.

They even attacked the folks handing out samples. I think they might have been the first to go.

Only waited around for 12 minutes (I’m a rebel) and went outside to the car, followed by millions of bunnies.

They followed me home. Bunches were run over by other cars, but not enough to truly thin the herd.

I was able to get inside the house with only a few stragglers following. I beat them senseless with a Millenium Falcon model while the rest surrounded the homestead.

I notified the CDC about what was going on, and they hung up on me.

Guess I only have to deal with this for two weeks. Then the bunnies will go away.

I think one of them stole my car keys.

I’m also missing a box of Bacon Thins.


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