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On this past Christmas Day, three hunters came across a young lady lying in the weeds next to a cardboard/wooden pallet contraption that beared a slight resemblance to living quarters.

The young lady was screaming as a large object was slithering out from between her legs. The hunters were confused on what to do but figured that there was a birthing going on so they decided to help.

The pulled and yanked at the object until it was free. The lady passed out but was brought back with a few shots of whiskey. When asked what had happened, one of the hunters picked up the slimy object from the ground and presented it to her.

She immediately wrapped the object in a blanket and placed it gently in a small cardboard box. The hunters each gave her a gift and made a pact to visit her every Christmas. She did ask if they could visit every weekend, but they declined figuring her to be a whore.

That’s right! Melissa had her baby and will be back next week with the complete story and more. Did she give birth to the new saviour? Does what happened seem eerily familiar? Stay tuned!!!!

NEXT WEEK: Melissa’s back with the full story!!!

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