Top 10 Movies of the Year (And a Poker Bitch)

Nina Gordon—“bleeding heart graffiti”


I kind of took last week off and didn’t submit anything new for you to
read, but there’s a good reason why: I was learning about the many uses
of pee.

Pretty weak, I know. But the other option was me to rant on something
stupid like the poker party I went to and how stupid and boring it was,
especially with one person who attended who felt like it was the real
deal and wasn’t for fun. For some reason, they didn’t like the fact that
I checked out their discarded cards after the hand was over, and she
went all bitchy all over my ass. Stupid bitch. It’s a fucking game, I
was only curious about what they had, no reason to get all uppity.

Hell, maybe I was wrong to look. But it was just a “friendly” game, so
fuck her. See if I ever play with them again. That’ll show them but

As you can see, it wasn’t anything interesting you would have wanted to
read about anyway so it’s a good thing I didn’t bore you with that last

Other than that, nothing else really happened. Currently I’m at the
blockage stage and there’s really nothing I can write about that’s
halfway interesting. No more Spunky or anything about my past, at least
that I can recall at this moment.

Maybe it’s because of the upcoming holiday. Maybe it’s because I’m
caught up in that holiday spirit and don’t have time to think since I’m
caught up in showing goodwill towards my fellow man. I seriously doubt
THAT though, so I’ll just go ahead and stick with the mental blockage

Good thing it’s the end of the year, so I can fill up this page with
something like a 10 best list! Probably what you’ve been waiting for
since last year! Or not! Regardless, you’re gonna get one anyway!

This week it’s going to be my list of my favorite movies of the past
year. Some are actually a few years old but were released on dvd here
during the past 12 months so they count. (For those wondering, I only
went to the theater 3 times this year and only one of those movies made
my list.) As always, it’s my list so I can do with it whatever I want.

So here goes:

10) Inside Man

  9) Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

  8) Slither

  7) Hostel

  6) The Hills Have Eyes

  5) Wolf Creek

  4) Azumi

  3) Clerks II

  2) Casino Royale

  1) United 93

Sadly, there wasn’t any movie that I saw this past year that toppled
Charlie’s Angels 1&2 as the worst movie(s) ever made.

If you have your own personal list of top movies of ’06, go ahead and
leave them in the comments thingamabob that you can access at the bottom
of this master opus. That way, I can see how much better my list is
compared to your. HA!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good light.

(For those that don’t celebrate Christmas, have a merry whatever.)

COMING NEXT: Top 10 albums of the year

Stephen Johnson

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