Those Stupid Things They Do Are Stupid

I heard from someone somewhere about a new program or something that the kids today are posting moving pictures of them doing things and making other people join in the fun.

So stupid!

There’s one where people stack milk crates on top of each other and try to climb them without falling or getting seriously hurt.


When I was a youth, we didn’t even have these moving picture things. But we did have things that we did and people actually died or got seriously maimed and nobody stopped us. Why? Because it was back then and nobody cared. Didn’t even ride our bicycles while wearing helmets.

One thing we came up with was stacking empty cans on top of each other and then eating lots of beans. When done with the beans, we would climb these cans (or attempt to) without falling off.

Well, we all fell off. One guy fell off and landed on his head and could never talk again. It’s probably because he never ate beans before making his attempt. Sure, the rest of us fell, broke limbs and some even went into comas, but we could still talk afterwards. The ones that dies probably didn’t eat enough beans.

There’s also another one where kids steal stuff from their school. How juvenile!

What we did was try to cram as many as possible inside a phone both after eating lots and lots of beans. Nobody got hurt with that, unless the glass broke and sliced a few people open, but we didn’t care since our bellies were full. Of beans.

Now there’s very few telephone booths. But there are plenty of beans.

I have no idea why I wrote this.

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Stephen Johnson

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