The Reoccurring Dream…

Dear Bel,

I have a reoccurring dream where I am floating in the ocean. I appear to be in some kind of form-fitting steel cage. On the cage is a plate, which reads “WORK”. In the dream, there is a light sense of frustrated panic and there is a sense that I am drifting somewhere but nowhere specific.

Bel, what does this dream mean and what can I do to get rid of it?


Dear John,

Now THAT is a very interesting dream. Let’s see… I think it means that you feel that your professional life is no longer in your control. You probably don’t have any real goals and the job that you are in fits you well, but you probably don’t really want to be there.

John, your subconscious is telling you that it is tired of seeing you drift around in a job in which you feel you are trapped. Alternatively, it could be that you are, in fact, trapped in your current job, and your subconscious is trying to get you used to the idea.

I am going to assume that you are now, or will be again, trapped in a job that you do not like. I suggest that you engage in some activity that is designed to keep the masses content. Try drinking a lot of alcohol or going to church. If one of those doesn’t work, try both. If that still is not enough, buy a Playstation 2 and Grand Theft Auto III and release some of that frustration.

Hope this helps,


COMING NEXT: I eat paste.

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Saint Garion

Bel Garion, who also goes by the name Saint Garion started writing columns in our early years and continued to 2006. He often refers to "The Lord" and "Buddah" which are the names of his dogs which speak to him on a regular basis.

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