The Future of Science

In The Future it will begin to occur to some people that one of the major reasons we have so many problems in the world today is that instead of seeing science as a means of obtaining pure knowledge and enlightenment with which we might better ourselves as a race, we look upon it as something to exploit—as if the sole purpose and benefit of science was to aid us in fulfilling our every desire.

That is to say, we mainly think of science as a way of “getting” things, whether they be the newest gadgets and gizmos, or the latest “miracle cure”.

What we unfortunately have forgotten is that everything we think or create has ever-spiraling consequences and if we were to look rationally at all the problems we’re causing by thinking we always need new and better things we would inevitably come to the conclusion that we need to maybe scale back our desires just a little bit, or at the very least not be so rash in rushing to fulfill them.

In short, all this science has allowed us to fuck shit up faster and to a greater degree than we ever could have before while we were still supposedly “ignorant”.

Which is exactly why the Interplanetary Time & Space Council secretly empowered the evangelicals to take it all away from us.

(You didn’t think they got into power because God wanted it, did you??)

Of course it turns out in doing so they inadvertently created some even bigger problems, but alas that story shall continue to unfold in due time…


Spamrider of the Apocalypse is just some crazy dude who contacted us out of the blue one day claiming to be a time traveler who had discovered that he had already been publishing information on our website for years while he was visiting the future.  Neither me or Steve had ever heard of him before so we don’t know if he’s ACTUALLY crazy or what, but he’s definitely weird, and is probably full of crap, so we both just looked at each other, shrugged are shoulders, and pretty much just went with it.

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