The 2010 Roadtrip: Part 4

Blind Guardian—At The Edge Of Time

MoTW—The Collector

Finally what you've all been waiting for! The "saga" continues!

Monday 8/2

12:30 am: Woken up by the sound of doors slamming and people screaming
in a foreign language. I was pissed.

12:45 am: Screaming in the foreign language continuing. Foreign
language-speak also continuing. I watch tv but not really watch. I'm
about to take action.

1:05 am: Slamming doors and foreign-speak stop.

1:20 am: Fall asleep again.

6:50 am: Wake up. Throw on some sweats, grab a diet Dew from the fridge,
grab the awesome "Under The Dome" by Stephen King and head outside to
the car to have a cool, refreshing smoke or two.

(Sidenote: I always purchase the hardcover whenever a new Stephen King
book comes out. I didn't start reading the book until late July, but
decided that I didn't want to lug around the hardcover so picked up the
massive paperback addition which weighed as much as the hardcover. Don't
know why, I just did.)

7:25 am: Back in the room. Back to bed. Watched "Saved By The Bell" on

8:00 am: The woman woke up and showered then went downstairs to get
breakfast. I didn't join her since a very poignant episode of "Saved…"
was just about to start.

8:35 am: I'm comfortable in bed. The woman says she was going to drive
around and do some shopping. I was perfectly ok with this.

8:40 am to 10:30 am: I lay in bed, napped and watched tv. This was
vacation afterall.

10:45 am: After another smoke outside, took a shower.

11:30 am: The woman came back and we headed to Mother's for dinner.

11:45 am: Mother was happy to see us. Mother offered me a beer. I took
Mother up on her offer. This was vacation afterall.

12:00 pm to 3:30 pm: We hung around slinging the shit and I drank.
Really nothing went on. I did prove to the woman that I could do one of
those Sudoko (Soduku? Cockydoodoo?) puzzles in less than five minutes.
What she didn't realize was that the answers were in the newspaper and I
just flipped backed and forth until the puzzle was done. Everyone
marvelled at my brilliance.

3:30 pm: Mother had invited my sister's spawn to dinner so brother went
to pick them up.

4:50 pm: Sat down for dinner and it was grand. The spawn were being very
feisty so I calmed them down by telling them the Afghanistan Pecan Pie
joke. They were quiet for a good twenty minutes.

(Another note: I first heard this joke while sitting in a bar and
drinking with Bob, well before he turned into the dick he is today. I
have NEVER laughed so hard and long at a joke before or after. Bob did a
masterful job telling the joke and keeping it going and going and going
until the punchline. Maybe he'll post the joke or maybe I will if he
doesn't cause he's lazy.)

5:30 pm to 7:00 pm: Shot the sit some more, drank some more.

7:05 pm: We left. After saying goodbye, of course.

7:25 pm: Dropped the spawn off and hung around at sister's house for a
little bit, getting the plans set for tomorrow.

8:30 pm: Left sister's house and went back to the hotel.

8:50 pm: In bed watching Shark Week. Seriously, isn't this supposed to
be a vacation?

11:15 pm: The foreign-language speak starts again, no door slamming
though. I could live with that and fell asleep since tomorrow was going
to be a busy day.

COMING NEXT: Will I make you wait for the next installment? What's going
on Tuesday? What's the mystery?

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