Somebody Stole My Radio

“Somebody stole my radio.”

I found that old chestnut in one of the print versions of TheWeirdcrap!

Guess during that time I drank heavily. Seems that I went to a bar and instead of listening to the band, I drank and listened to what I wanted to listen to on a battery operated radio.

People around me asked me to stop because they wanted to listen to the band, but I just kept flipping from station to station because I wanted to hear M’s “Pop Muzik” again.

I never did get to hear that nugget on that radio ever again. Someone came up and wanted to talk about the SALT II treaty and while my attention was diverted, someone else took the radio.

Never found out who did, but I can tell you that everyone in that bar looked guilty. I didn’t want to start a fight over the radio since I needed to save my hand for an article I was going to write about if it was okay for boys to play with Farrah’s Glamour Center.

Of course it was!

Even though I really liked that radio, I was able to write it off on the expense report.

“Able” meaning nobody caught it.

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Stephen Johnson

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