The L.C.D clock flashed 1:17. Evan stared at it without a flicker with any indication of emotion evident on his unshaven face.‘I wonder if it is morning or night,’ he pondered to himself as his eyes darted around the perfectly square ten foot by ten foot room.“Fuck, does it even matter anymore…Does anything matter?’He grunted as he eased himself up from the futon he had been resting on, and made his way across the small, uncluttered space and picked up a can of warm caffeinated soda from a milk crate.‘Supplies are running out, I wonder what is going to happen to me then?’ he thought as he popped it open and placed it to his dry lips.As he sucked down the sickly sweet soda he peered around the concrete bunker he had called home for the last two hundred and eleven days.“What is going on out there?” he whispered as his eyes set focus on the grey concrete ceiling. “Well, Evan how does that make you feel,” he suddenly blurted out loud in a mock, jibing tone. “Being without human contact for all this time?”“Gee, thanks for asking, damned decent of you in fact; well to tell you the honest truth it is all completely fucked up.”“So, what you are saying Evan, is this place is making you a little cranky, perhaps even crazy?”“Making me crazy,” he snorted out loud as a piercing burst of laughter emanated from his contorted mouth. “This place made me damned crazy after the very first month or two…I am way beyond that point of relative sanity now. Shit, why else would I be standing here having this fucking inane conversation with my fucking self?”Evan began to pace furiously back and forth, back and forth. Muttering incoherently as he went.All at once he abruptly stopped, and made his way back over to the empty aluminum can.Reaching down he picked it up, and stared intently at it.Then, in a flash of movement, he ripped it apart, and deftly placed the razor like edge of the deconstructed drink container to the veins now popping expectantly on his left wrist.Evan is instantly rewarded by the vision of his own blood flowing free and finally giving color and warmth to the grey nondescript, cold concrete floor.With his eyes glowing with elation Evan once more began to furiously pace, as fast as his fatigued body would allow…Making his heart beat rapidly.As he paced, he began to chant.“Make it end, make it end, make it end,” he repeated with increasing urgency.Finally after just a few moments or perhaps several minutes, Evan collapsed onto his futon bed. As the last of his life energy slipped away from him, he smiled.“I am finally free…” he managed to softly murmur as he closed his eyes for the very last time.“Wake up you fool!” the harsh voice cried. “You have fucking fallen asleep again haven’t you?William Connor opened his eyes suddenly and peered straight into his furious bosses face.“I am sorry boss,” he bleated pathetically as he sat upright and adjusted his security uniform.“Don’t fucking apologize to me, you can apologize to Evan’s family…The poor kid had no idea what he was getting into when he volunteered for the social isolation experiment…All he wanted was to earn some cash. Take a look at the monitor you fool.”As William stared in horror he had a hard time controlling his impulse to vomit.“We were supposed to go in there, and stop him if this happened again. Oh well there are ten million more Evan’s where he came from…Heck the poor pathetic dumbfucks are queuing up for this gig, and all sorts of over scientific experiments. It seems that Human life is the cheapest commodity we have these days in America…Now go in there and clear up that damned awful mess, so we can start this experiment again. And don’t forget you’re expendable as well…”The end.

P.S. Gifford

P.S. Gifford is a published horror author of great talent. He started submitting stories around 2005. His short stories are by far some of the best and most entertaining that I have read. Around that time he was invited to write columns which are titled "Paperback Writer."

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