Maybe Looking For A New Car

“Strange Days” was on one of those premium channels a couple days ago.

I didn’t watch it since I’m still waiting on my thank you note from the movie company. Maybe they’ll notice this and rush that note out to me quickly now. Then maybe I’ll watch and maybe you will too.

Outside of that, I can think of nothing else. Even things from the past that would definitely be interesting aren’t popping into my head right now. Probably because one of the cats bit me earlier this week and it’s affecting my mind something fierce.

Something I ordered from Amazon just arrived. It’s sitting on the front porch. I should get it, but I’m busy with this.

Just putting words down (AGAIN!).

Got V-Day coming up. Giving the other half lottery tickets. If she wins, great. If not, great.

It’s also her B-day. So, the same goes with those lottery tickets.

Listening to something right now and the guy singing sounds like Bob Weir. Is it?

Let me check….

Nope, they’re Canadian. The Sheepdogs. No Bob Weir.

I mean I’m not a huge fan of Grateful Dead, but I can listen to ’em without tearing my ears off. No like Bruce Springsteen, The Cure, Poison and more. Just can’t do them at all, probably because they suck.

That’s it. Going to continue looking for a new car.

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Stephen Johnson

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