Likes and Dislikes!

I have received a lot of email regarding the comment I made about lice on the heads of trailer park kids.

I didn’t mean to offend anyone, but I was only speaking the truth. I live in a trailer park and I know for a fact that lice is prevalent. I am also sure that the material that is used in making trailer homes is a breeding ground for lice.

If I offended you, I am very sorry. But, since I have had lice so many times and I do live in a trailer, I feel that it is nothing to be ashamed of!

I have been asked what I like and dislike. I have thought about this for awhile and have come up with my answers!!

My Dislikes:
1) Pubic hair on the kitchen floor! Icky!!
2) Old mayonnaise. I ate some once and it made me real sick!!
3) Books.
4) Tina. She is such a bitch!!
5) Dancing with any sort of animal. It messes with my rhythm!!

My Likes:
1) Short, hairy men, like my Ralph!!
2) Being called a whore while making love. It makes me feel wanted and loved!!
3) Riding on tractors! It gets me hot!!!!!
4) Any talk show, especially “Jerry Springer”!!!!
5) Hot candle wax dripped on a certain part of my anatomy. I can’t tell you exactly where because it is kind of naughty!!!

There you go! Now you know me a little bit better. Go ahead and send me your likes and dislikes and we can see if we have something in common!!!

See ya!!

NEXT WEEK: Ralph has a special surprise for me!!

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