Let’s Make The Dandelion A Flower And Other Crap

Well, I got around 50 minutes of my life back since two shows that I watch(ed) were cancelled.

Can I replace those shows with another show or shows? Sure. But I’m really excited that I’ll have around 50 minutes more to myself starting around September of this year.

If ALL those shows I watch were cancelled, then I would have a lot of extra time on my hands and I could use that time to maybe do something good.

Something like fighting for the dandelion. Fight for it to no longer be a weed but a pretty yellow flower.

Thinking of that, I do like bees but still had the grass cut this week. It’s enough that every day is _______ day, but to declare it No Mow May just doesn’t work.

That too reminded me of something.

Yesterday, the temperature in the house was 86. My partner wanted to turn on the air but I put my foot down and denied her request.

Today the temperature was 76 so I turned on the air. Showed her!

That’s fahrenheit. 86 centigrade is something totally different.

So, I had turned on the air, grabbed some popcorn and was settling down to watch “Treasure Of The Four Crowns” in 3D when the doorbell rang. Around 101 minutes later, I checked the front porch and there was nothing/nobody there so I have no idea who wanted what.

That’s just the way it goes.

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Stephen Johnson

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