I’ve Been Fined!

No, I sure didn’t meet my word quota last week.

What’s even worse is that I took time off the previous week, so corporate expected me to submit something last week with double the quota.

Now I’ve been fined. Due to the NDA that we have to sign every week (which I find a bit excessive), I cannot tell you how much he fine is or what it entails. It’s kind of like seeing a special sneak preview of the new Avatar movie, swearing not to tell anyone what it’s about and then blabbering about it the next day on the internet.

You know, something along the lines of :

“So, I somehow got the opportunity to see the new Avatar movie. Don’t know why I wanted to do this since the first one put me to sleep all three times I tried to watch it. Yes, I did fall asleep during this one as well. There, now you know what you’re getting into.”

On top of all this, the “T” is dying on my keyboard. It’s been dying for awhile and I do have a new keyboard but replacing it will take too many minutes out of my valuable time plus now that fine is hanging over me.

To prove the “T” is dying, I give you this:

Tessa taught teachers typing ten times a week.

Wait. I worked.

Will try it again:

Tessa taught teachers typing ten imes a week.

There! It should be “times” not “imes”.


Tessa taught teachers typing ten times a week.

Tessa taught teachers typing ten times a week.

Of course NOW it doesn’t do it.

Tessa taught teachers typing ten times a week.


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Stephen Johnson

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