I Guess This Is About Movies?

I kind of read Bob’s last post and it reminded me of something…..

No, not how he ripped off “Planet Of The Apes”.

(By the way, I still haven’t replaced my keyboard. A new one is sitting on top of a filing cabinet to the left of me and I’m still too lazy to do a replacement.)

(By the way way, that’s for anyone interested since last week.)

It’s about another movie, the one known as “Gravity”.

Maybe I mentioned this before

(Oops, the “T” is now really starting to act up!)

how maybe I was the only one that expected apes to show up at the end of the movie? Wouldn’t that have fit in perfectly?

(Took me three times to get that “t” to work in “perfectly”, but it worked fine now.)

She lands on the planet, she’s happy she’s back on Earth and then OH MY GOODNESS, WHY AM I SURROUNDED BY ALL THESE APES ON HORSES! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Watch the movie again and at the end add apes on horses. You’ll probably have to do it in your mind, but it WILL work.

Talking a nice crossover event here.

There’s rumor that someone wants to reboot “Planes, Trains And Automobiles”. Hey, that’s not a reboot, folks. That’s a remake and one that is absolutely not needed. Just stop.

The ending of the original makes me weep in a manly way, as does the end of “Rocky”.

A remake would make me……….not see it?

Oh-oh. Almost turned on sticky keys. Egah!

Wonder if this is my last post of the year?

More Lunatic Ravings…

Stephen Johnson

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