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A couple weeks ago, someone from corporate sent me an email asking if I wanted a design on my column. I immediately wrote back stating that I would be more than happy to see a new design, something that would bring my posts into the 21st century.

As to be expected, I haven’t heard anything back. I have a feeling they sent that email figuring it would placate me. It actually did at that time, but I am no longer placated. I want results, and I want them now. Dammit!

Not to veer off on another topic, but a couple weeks ago Anchor Bay and Shout! Factory released the complete “Halloween” movie collection, one a 10 disc version and the other a 15 disc deluxe version. Pretty neat stuff, if you’re into the “Halloween” movies.

Sadly, some people noticed an issue with “Halloween 4” with audio not synching up with the picture. It wasn’t during the whole movie, but during a 10 minute or so part of the movie. Of course, that was just WRONG and something needed to be done to correct this and done NOW.

It was first stated that this was inherent to the original source, but it supposedly is not. Right now, Anchor Bay is investigating the issue and will let everyone now their findings and what fix (if any) will be implemented. So, there is a possibility this is not inherent to the original source.

Ok, that’s fine. People expect the best quality in any product they buy (unless it’s a Kiss album). Let the company do their investigation and wait for the results because a 10 minute issue isn’t going to ruin your life, right? Right?

Well, no.

Let’s backtrack a little bit……

Some people were upset that Amazon.ca had a cheaper price then the U.S Amazon so of course they whined and moaned, sent email and held live chats demanding that they get the deluxe set for the same price listed on the Canadian site (but in U.S. dollars). Quite a few people were able to do this even though it is NOT Amazon’s policy to price match their other sites OR items like movies.

Now people are emailing, live chatting, etc. Amazon because of the problem with “Halloween 4” and some are getting refunds on the set, some as high as $25 (the set currently sells for around $102). Even though this is not Amazon’s problem, they are going out of their way to appease people. 

However, this is not enough for some people. Go ahead and check out the Anchor Bay facebook page, and see how some people (obviously those with limited intelligence) are handling this situation. Not content to bring up the issue on a post having to do with the Halloween sets, certain folks feel a need to post the issues on EVERY post on AB’s page, just because it either gives them some sort of perverse satisfaction or because they’re morons.

I can just imagine how they would feel if I went to their job, ordered a burger with extra mayo and then, not receiving what I felt was “extra”, bringing it to their attention over and over and over again. Even though they’re servicing their next customer, I would still be hanging around bringing up the fact that I did no receive the extra mayo. I could and would do this their whole shift, just because I’m an asshole to assholes.    

It’s a pack rat mentality, one person gets a refund and tells others that they got a refund, so another person thinks they’re entitles to the same discount. When they don’t get it, they mention that someone else got it, so why shouldn’t they?

One person brings up a issue constantly on a Facebook page and others decide to so the same thing because they’re also pack rats.

Man, I don’t like some people. The internet should never have been invented.

What’s funny is visiting the pages of the people constantly complaining and, even though I don’t have a problem with geeks, all these people are unsavory geeks, the ones that feel that they’re entitled and that they CAN and SHOULD be able to ruin any experience for others.

Ah, fuck it. i just wanted to vent.

Blame it on the assholes at corporate.

I am not a geek, by the way.

COMING NEXT: I don’t know or care

Stephen Johnson

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