Another Post From Me With Truth As An Added Bonus

Stephen Johnson

Seems like Bob is trying to cause some problems.

First, I NEVER said that he should sell the site to an investment firm. I told him that his buttocks were getting loose and flappy and that MAYBE he should invest in equipment that would firm up those glutes.

Not that I was looking at his bum (even though there nothing wrong with that?) but there is a video of him on youtube doing his daily mall walk and there’s a distinct sound of something flapping and slapping and in all my years of life, that can only mean one thing.

Loose butt cheeks.

Of course he heard wrong and he ran out and sold the site. Now we have mean overlords expecting us to work while wearing masks. Heavy duty ones even though we’re working from home (at least I am, I have no clue about Bob’s living arrangements, nor do I care).

As for that win over Hillary in 2016……

Wait. This this is OVER 100 words?

I’m done.

More Lunatic Ravings…

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