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(Ann O’Naemis is filling in for John Stevenson on this weeks column since John is as lazy as he is stupid.)

By Ann O’Naemis

RELIGIONS: God inflicts pain. If you believe anything else, you’ve bought into the new age/12 step rationalizations that make it possible for the addicts and the weak to lean on God. God wants the same things you want. He wants to know that he can count on his children and friends. He doesn’t want yes men and leeches. Would you? And he knows what you say about your friends behind their backs.

POLITICAL: It seems obvious that Elian Gonzales should be sent home. The rest is political. I do think, however, that his “Miami relatives” ought to be arrested for wrongful imprisonment and kidnapping (or for harboring an illegal alien).

Oh, yeah. And his mom didn’t sacrifice her life so her son could escape Castro and Cuba. SHE wanted to escape and was willing to risk her son’s life so she wouldn’t be alone. She took him to sea in an over-loaded boat, which, not surprisingly, sank. Risking the life of a six year old is not heroic, and such “sacrifices” are the reason boat people should be returned home. I do not want to see any more deaths because we promote such suicidal behavior.

If they want to kill themselves or their children, they should do so at home, where, at least, they will be properly arrested instead of improperly martyred.

TELEVISION: The end of “Party of Five” hopefully signals a change in Neve Campbell’s role choices. I want breasts. I want full frontal nudity. I want carpet, damn it, and lots of it!!!!!

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