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What's this? Weird Crap: (wird'crap) adj. Useless, unexpected, humorous verbal exploits of an odd, bizarre, or unearthly nature.

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Lunatic Blogs
Updated Weekly:
Lunatic Ravings
by Stephen Johnson :
The internet's Original Blogger! Is the truth stranger than ficiton or is the fiction milder than the truth? See for yourself, and find out why aimless souls have been reading his ramblings since 2000!
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Ask Bob
by Bob Senitram :
Senitram never really wanted to be a blogger, but Stephen made him and now he's been stuck with the gig for over 10 years! Will it ever end? Will it ever make any lick of sense? Find out for yourself!
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Paperback Writer
by PS Gifford :
Mostly one page shorts. Amazing how strange you can get with one page!
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