Why Publish At Online?

Promote your website or book on TheWeirdcrap.com

  • Want to lead readers to your website? Publish one of your stories here and generate interest for more fiction on your website.
  • Launching a new book? Publish a sample and get a fanbase drooling for more!

Generate a buzz after a book release

  • Rather than a sample, try posting a backstory from an original draft. An interesting story in itself and a way to generate interest in your book.

Test your ideas

  • You could post a draft and see what people think by using our comments notification on your story’s page.


  • Set up “subscribe without commenting” in the comment section of your story page. You’ll get notifications of comments to your story. Asking friends is fine, but they may be afraid of hurting your feelings.
  • Learn from the opinions of strangers. (Please be aware, online opinions are sometimes brutal…don’t take anything personally and be ready for the bad as well as the good.)

Get Motivated

  • Writing is a fulfilling artform, but it can also be a lonely venture. Putting extensive work into a piece of fiction is exhausting, but the fatigue can become worse if no one reads it. You can get recharged by sharing your work!

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!


Editor of TheWeirdcrap.com.


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