Ket Goes to Lunch

Ket Darby here,
So I was hungry for some Mole sauce… it’s this really good chocolate hot sauce that they put on some Mexican Foods. There are only a couple of places in town that makes it, so I headed for the closet one. So I drove over to get some for lunch. I pulled onto the side road that leads to the parking lot in back only to find a cop car blocking the way in. He had a cute Asian girl in a red car pulled-over. So I thought to myself, “Why is the cop blocking-off parking lot? Why couldn’t he have parked some where else? Some where not in my way?” About that time I heard a loud crash sound. I looked across the parking lot and saw this Gold car, and it had just hit some parked cars. I thought, “That’s weird, did that gold car really hit those parked cars? I wonder if she’ll stop and try to find the owners of those cars.” About that time I see a second cop on foot and I see his car in the parking lot. The cop is running next to the car with his hand-out and yelling. I couldn’t hear what he was yelling, but he looked pretty pissed-off. The gold car didn’t stop. The officer still running pulled out his gun and shot two shots into the car. Now I couldn’t see who was in the car or where the bullets actually went. The gold car then darted out of the parking lot and into the main road. The first cop the one who had pulled over the Asian girl waved her away, and followed after the gold car, the officer who fired into gold car hopped back into his car and chased after the gold car as well.
I called 9-11 and let them know what I saw. The lady on the line was calm; a little calmer then I, until I heard some more noise in the background then she got a little excited. The she told me to hold on, and I heard her say to someone else, “I have a witness to the girl who tried to run over my officer.” She told me to wait so the officers that were responding could take a written statement and I could give them my information.
So I waited. I gave my information to the officers that showed-up and I wrote everything down on a written statement sheet. The guy who gave me the sheet was a plain clothes cop and he kind hid when the media showed-up. There was another guy who saw everything. I think he was a little bit closer then I was. He looked like he was homeless. I never really spoke with him, but I saw the officers talking with him. I also spoke with the Internal Affairs guy, he said that he was probably going to get the case and wanted my information, if he didn’t get the case he would pass it on to the person who did. He thanked me for staying and said that I did the write thing by calling 911. I figured that since the officer discharged his weapon that they would have to do an investigation to make sure he followed proper procedure, the IA guy confirmed that.
So I finally got to eat my mole, and it was awesome. I told my friends at work after I came back and one of them found an article about it in the local paper’s on-line web-site. I told my mom and she saw the story on the news, and I saw the full story on-line this morning.
The person in the car was a 16 year old girl who had stolen the car. The officer was trying to pull her over because she almost hit a pedestrian. She hit 7 cars at the restaurant, and four more on the main street. The police had to taiser her 3 times, and they had to break the windshield to get her out of the car.

Saint Garion

Bel Garion, who also goes by the name Saint Garion started writing columns in our early years and continued to 2006. He often refers to "The Lord" and "Buddah" which are the names of his dogs which speak to him on a regular basis.

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