Baking Lasagna And Wasting Our Time

I’m currently baking lasagna so have time to waste.

Yours AND mine!

For those wondering, this is NOT made from scratch. If it was, that would mean that I would have had to grow the cheese, the sauce, the noodles, the meat and whatever else is in lasagna. That’s just silly thinkin’.


Bob took a vacation in a state that he currently resides? That’s not a vacation (especially in Nebraska)!
That’s aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……..I don’t know what it is actually.

Now, if he went to Iowa, that would be a vacation. Got to give him kudos for not falling asleep while driving through Nebraska though. It’s quite easy to do.

At least in Iowa they have a windy road or two. Plus they have this enormous truck stop on the eastern side of the state that’s just awesome.


Yeah. Not a vacation. A jaunt, maybe.


Just thought of something.

Imagine Bob going to one of those wild west towns and getting picked to be the sheriff but they don’t have any clothes that fit him because he’s too short!


That would be a vacation!

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Stephen Johnson

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