A New Email And Some Old Stuff

I got this email regarding my “No X 100” post from 3/19/22.


“I have no idea what your last post is about…is there a second part that explains it all?”

I told them to read it again and to get back to me if it finally made sense.

Still haven’t heard back and it’s been five days (as of today, which is the same day I’ll maybe post this).

Hopefully it’s not one of them Gen-X’ers. Eh, it probably is and they’ll find something offensive about it when they finally figure it out.

This reminds me when we used to do movie reviews in our print editions. They were short reviews, but got our points across. Something like that.

From 1974:
“Mary and Larry die at the end. Dirtily AND crazily.”

From 1968:
“So…..he was on earth the whole time?”

From 1960:
“She doesn’t get to spend the money because she dies. Dead like the mother in the basement. But less boney.”

From 1973:
“Wait. We turn green when we’re smooshed up for other human’s to consume?”

From 1980:
“Darth is Luke’s father? Never saw THAT coming.”

From 1977:
“William Shatner lives, don’t let his death fool you.”

From 1968:
“A baby in space. Yeah. That makes sense.”

From 1984:
“Everybody gets who they want and they (kind of) remember her birthday.

From 1984:
“Oh, ok. It makes sense now.”

That’s it for now. Going to go thru some more of the old stuff to see what else I can dig up!

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3 thoughts on “A New Email And Some Old Stuff

  1. From 1977, it was Leonard Nimoy who died in The Wrath of Khaaaaaaaaaaaan!

    PS: I better not get spam by leaving a comment….OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!

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