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April 3, 2021

   For my wife and I the county of Cornwall was an ideal holiday location. Situated in the far west of England, its rugged shores and spectacular beaches had always produced the most memorable times for us. Like many other tourists, part of our affection for Cornwall lay in its wild frontier spirit. There was the aire of an outpost here, an atmosphere that reluctant city dwellers found quite irresistible.

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August 15, 2020

THE BOX The box had been in the family for generations. Nobody knew exactly how many years that may have been, but it was recorded in an old diary belonging to my great grandmother.     I often spent time reading her diary, and found her words and imaginings closely in tune with my own. To read of her life and times in the days when this house stood at the edge of a rural village,…

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August 15, 2018

AND THERE WAS LIGHT We as a race, were the essence of eternity. But there was only ever one race, which like time itself was both infinite and finite. All creatures and all time were merely parts of their respective wholes. For as a second might regard a minute as impossible, so does the cell of a greater being regard itself as independent.      Such are the spheres of existence. Every thought and deed a…

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August 15, 2014

SONGS FROM THE WOOD Despite years of studies, nobody had cracked the code. Many individuals and groups, looking at the puzzle from a multitude of different angles, had all failed to solve the riddle. Birdsong it seemed might never give up its secrets.     Thomas Mills was one such researcher. He’d made a hobby of the subject but like the rest he was getting nowhere fast. Unlike the rest though, he was a man obsessed…

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October 6, 2013

The cashier is wearing a necklace that is supporting his late girlfriend’s bleeding heart. He strangled her during his lunch break after she admitted she had been sleeping with the deli’s sandwich maker. After strangling her, he calmly used a butcher’s knife to slice open her chest and remove her heart. He attached the heart to a string of leather, bowed his head, and slipped the necklace on, delighting in the symbolic nature of the…

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August 15, 2012

REDWING An eerie light filled the bay below as the moon hung powerless in the darkened sky. Above on the cliffs alone I waited; I knew they’d be coming soon for I’d seen them before. I’d seen their ugly play unfurl a thousand times, and tonight I would silence them forever.      Out to sea their prey approached. With mighty sails taut against the wind she laboured. Each hold lay full of trade to foreign…

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The Honorable and Most Intriguing Mr. Salv

August 7, 2012

Mr. Salv, a worker at Fisher-Price, is staring out the window when… He suddenly realizes what a dumb job he has. “I should’ve gone to college like my mother told me,” he thought to himself. He thought and thought and thought when he suddenly realized (again), “I know that everything will work out all right in the end—at least, I hope so, because the more I think about it, the more I realize that my…

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July 6, 2012

It was dark.  The Man With The Mustache woke up and saw nothing but a dimly lit wooden plank.  If he was smarter, or at least well versed in the English language, he may have thought the sight of nothing more than a dimly lit wooden plank was a bit ominous.  But he was not an altogether smart man, nor was he well versed in any language, let alone the one he had used since…

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Strings Attached

December 10, 2011

She has been fighting it for weeks now, the broody, hungry emotion that came to her when it was past time to have a man. She had ignored the feeling as long as she could because she didn’t want it. She had never liked the consequences of fulfillment but her body would not listen to intellectual denial – it never did. Once upon her, the instinct increased until it tortured her days and ruined her sleep….

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August 15, 2011

THE DANCE The sun fell like a hammer into the once turquoise sea and darkness was upon us in an instant. Of course the night offered no protection from those who sought to destroy us, as they already knew where, if not when we were. They also knew that I could see them; or rather see where they would be and where they once were.      Together we’d dance through the days and nights until…

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From The Strange Archive

Fear: Held Against My Will

April 24, 2008

       Fear will make you do things you would not ordinarily do, I know.  This tragic tale happened eight months ago.     I use to think that if I moved to an expensive neighborhood, it would be a safer place to live.  A picturesque location where soccer-moms drove their kids to a private school every morning, and where security officers, dressed in grey suits, patrolled the ground’s perimeter while wearing ear phones and dark sunglasses.  But…

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This Time I’ve Gone Too Far

December 28, 2008

NOTE: The following short was originally posted on the “Ask Bob” column on 12/28/2008, I thought it would fit in nicely here…Bob S. A few days ago I got a nice Christmas card from my families spiritual elder which read like this: This time you’ve gone too far. This time you’ve gone too far. This time you’ve gone too far. I told you, I warned you, I told you. With affection, G.F. Due, to the simple…

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