About Daily Demented Comics

The purpose of our Daily Demented Comic section is to present unique comics with a strange and bizarre theme for you to enjoy, and to introduce you to creative cartoonists on the web.

Below each comic is a link to its post page. That page has a link to the artist’s website. We urge you to visit the site if you enjoy their humor. This will help smaller websites with creative content obtain a following.

We prioritize featuring older comics form the artists archives, that way content from years prior will help generate current traffic but not feature the latest content. We want to save that for their own web traffic.

We hope this philosophy benefits everyone, but if your content has been featured and you want it removed, we will do so upon request. Just let us know on our Contact page.

TheWeirdcrap.com currently features about 1000 page views per day, so if you would like to have our traffic work for you, send us the code for the re-occurring comic and we’ll feature it.

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