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Strange Sci-Fi


May 3, 2021

Water gushes down from the showerhead onto me and my troubles are washed away. They of course accumulate again, as does the dirt during the…

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Strange Stories


April 3, 2021

   For my wife and I the county of Cornwall was an ideal holiday location. Situated in the far west of England, its rugged shores…

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Fun Fiction

Binkle Bunny in Dead People Taste Funny

May 1, 2021

By Owen NOTE FROM PUBLISHER: This was originally published back in 2001; however, we are re-posting so that it can be stored permanently in the…

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From the Sci-Fi Archives…

Discourse on a Hill

October 13, 2013

“The country needs you,” the guest implored, short of breath following his lengthy climb. “An entity such as yourself should have no problem bridging the…

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From the Strange Stories Archives…


August 15, 2018

AND THERE WAS LIGHT We as a race, were the essence of eternity. But there was only ever one race, which like time itself was…

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From the Fun Fiction Archives…

Head in the Sand

February 15, 2010

Head in the sand by CMR Once upon a time there was an ostrich.  The ostrich had no concerns and was content to while away…

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